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Cardiology Breakout Session

Cardiology Breakout Session

The Hospital and Clinical Pharmacy Academy (HCPA) will be promoting in Lisbon a new Cycle of Clinical Sessions – HCPA BREAKOUT SESSIONS.

These HCPA BREAKOUT SESSIONS, a one-day educational events based on current best practice and delivered by internationally recognized top level experts in the different areas, are intended for Hospital Pharmacists. The plan is promote to a small group of highly motivated hospital pharmacists a creative and intellectually stimulating environment, maximizing the learning experience, explore theory and practice, and engage in discussions as and when appropriate. A moment where they can improve their skills to provide the best care possible to the patients.

This HCPA BREAKOUT SESSION will be on CARDIOLOGY and will take place in Lisbon, Hotel da Estrela, on next June 19th.


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